Not knowing when a headache or migraine will occur can be challenging.

Eveyone knows that Botox has long been proven to block impulses to nerves and muscles to prevent wrinkles. Well now it has been proven to be effective for the prevention of tension type headaches. These headaches are caused by persistently chronic muscle contraction that contribute to a headache. Botox causes a partial paralysis of the muscle in the region of the pain to alleviate the headache.HA_42643909

BOTOX® therapy for migraines  is performed by Dr. Potter in his Hays, Kansas office.

Other treatments may help you once have a headache. But Botox is a preventive medication used to help prevent headaches from occurring.

Some patients may start experiencing fewer headaches after 2 treatment sessions. Clinical studies showed that it usually takes several weeks to see the first response.  Most patients experience their first response at about 4 weeks.

NOTE: Medical Botox may be covered by your health insurance.



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